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Work in progress...




因此 RITTENHOUSE 透過不斷的測試、篩選,並最終只提供最好喝的咖啡



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AVENSI咖啡聞香杯, STANDART咖啡雜誌, 木頭

Find the peace of mind in your life.

An enthereal sensory journey for any coffee aficionado.

Inspired by the modern specialty coffee culture, Rittenhouse is committed to serve our friends some of the best coffees on the planet.


Collaborating with some top notch specialty coffee roasters, coffee accessoy brands, and professional coffee equipment brands in the world, Rittenhouse is proud to be your portal to the world of boutique specialty coffees.


Where everything started

It is not only Hex Color #580000.

It represents our passion, our profession, and the dream of always and only serving the best coffees to our customers.

If you see this color on your coffee bag, you are in for the best.


The Reds

以經典 RITTENHOUSE Red 作為靈感來源,我們將咖啡豆分為4類

Royal Red – 頂級特殊處理法,咖啡後製技術的集大成之作

Rosewood Red – 頂級傳統處理法,風土環境和種植技術的頂尖作品

Maple Red – 多層次且鮮明、複雜的風味表現

Cardinal Red – 提升你的日常咖啡體驗,喝好咖啡無負擔

The Reds

Our coffees are classified into three tiers and four different categories. All of them are amazing in their own ways.

Royal Red (limited) - The combination of both the apex in modern green coffee processing technique and top class coffee varietals. Amazed yourself with mind-blowing flavor rendition.


Rosewood Red (limited) - The purest interpretation of high end varietals. See the beauty of traditional coffee processing craftmandship.


Maple Red - The finest selection of crops, sourced directly from our esteemed roastery partners. Rremarkable taste profile, sweet and lingering. Taste the flavor notes has never been so easy.


Cardinal Red - Unparalleled flavors that arise from diverse factors such as processing methods, varietals, and overall exceptional quality. Eleveate your daily cups of coffee with small budget.

Let It Explode

The Apex of Modern Specialty Coffee

Crystal Clear

The Purest Interpretation of Craftmanship

Wow Your Palate

The Finest Seasonal Selection

Light up!

The Elevation of Morning Coffee

Wholesale Inquiry & Partnership 商業需求

Urban Impression




Rittenhouse Coffee & Co.


而 R.Journal 乘載著不僅是我們對精品咖啡的熱忱,更多的是與世界的溝通


在 R.Journal 我們會分享更多世界咖啡的資訊
與 RITTENHOUSE 對精品咖啡的初衷與執著


咖啡 • 使我們在喜歡的領域上全心投入




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